Generator eletronics and alarm systems for ships, ferries, offshore, backup generator and remote locations.


COWI - aerial survey 

Survey and mapping by flying with highformat digital cameras. 



Charter business flight, taking you from the nearest airport direct to your destinations nearest airport. 





Survey pilot'ing


On aerial survey details the pilot is often hired for a specific job. We have since spring 2006 surplied survey pilots for various jobs in Europe.



We have contact with a handfull of survey experienced pilots. All JAR certified for light twin piston engine aircraft issued by Danish CAA (SLV). The pilots are used to navigate the aircraft after eider Trackair or CCNS.


All pilots have at least 500 hours of expirence and have a valid ME piston land accomplished with IR.


Prices start at 200 a day + travel expences from Denmark. If there is any aditional certification or training needed it will come on top of that.