Generator eletronics and alarm systems for ships, ferries, offshore, backup generator and remote locations.


• COWI - aerial survey »

Survey and mapping by flying with highformat digital cameras. 


• Flexflight »

Charter business flight, taking you from the nearest airport direct to your destinations nearest airport.



Cairns ApS was founded on the 5th of March 2004 by Martin Hammer Sørensen.


Orginially entended as a holding company, we expanded into the aviation buisness. Enitial by piloting smaller aircraft on varius missions such as chartered flights and then survey flights.


At the same time we looked into operating a business aircraft, but this prove to be finacialy dificult. By spring 2006 the chartered business flight section was discomissioned in favour of survey details.


We currently offer oblique photos of farms and estates, often captured from a light aircraft. To read more about this please use the link provided.