Generator eletronics and alarm systems for ships, ferries, offshore, backup generator and remote locations.


COWI - aerial survey 

Survey and mapping by flying with highformat digital cameras. 



Charter business flight, taking you from the nearest airport direct to your destinations nearest airport. 




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This homepage belongs to Cairns ApS.

Cairns was founded as a holding company in May 2004.

However we expanded our area of expertise to Airborne Surveying in Spring 2006.



We offer aerial photography of private farms, houses etc. captured from a light single engine aircraft. Prices start at 1500 for a relatively simple job close to our base near Copenhagen, Denmark.


The equipment used is a Canon D30, Digital SLR camera fitted with a stabilized 70-200mm lens. This system is lens stabilized for clear and sharp images.


The images will be delivered in jpg format and on request raw format, for the clients own digital media use and print.


To exploid the equipments capality, one can click on our photo database at  where most "not belonging to client images" are displayed. These frames include "after hours" and "days without survey flight conditions" trips and excorutions.

Some private photos might have found their way into this.